Demolition work entails unique hazards that make this job mostly dangerous. They said putting up a structure is a dangerous work but taking down one can be more than dangerous. Because of the nature of the job safety should always be the top priority in a demolition site. Demolition-related accidents have severe consequences, and so many safety measures should be considered.   


Check and follow these six ways to avoid injuries during demolition. 

Brace and guard 

Prepare properly. Wear PPE, shore up or brace the walls and floors with damaged structure. Shut off all services and utilities, etc. Also, it is always being highlighted that there some important house cleaning services jacksonville fl precautions might get overlooked. Like keeping floor openings to no more than 25% for disposal and guarding the wall openings up to a height of 42 inches. 

Communicate and educate 

Utilize morning safety meetings. This can be used to reinforce safety measures. Managers must not assume, like the workers know what to do working with an excavator operator, the new guy must need to be advised to stand behind the operator or in the swing radius. Also, when using a hand signal or when you’re approaching the operation area you need to ensure to make an eye contact with the operator to make sure he sees you. 

Supervisors should always rely on both experience and continuing education. Local classes and online safety courses help keep people working and at the same time protect the business even if they only serve as reminders of the basics. 

Prepare properly 

Chicago demolition contractors always do a preconstruction site survey. It is indeed a must to any demolition work. A preconstruction survey can help uncover discrepancies from the original design, materials hidden within structural members also damaged materials, and find out modifications that altered the design. 

It is critical to protect the people working in a demolition site from injury and the company from accusations of damage.   

Use safety equipment 

As mentioned above, indeed site survey can help avoid a potentially fatal unexpected collapse. But it is not just a giant structural failure that may cause injury during demolition. You should not underestimate small mistakes and oversights they can wreak havoc.   

Let’s say a wrench is a harmless tool in a pouch, but if it falls from 50 feet it is another thing. Employees can avail loans  for needs. Employees need to be geared up with tool lanyards, also with fall protection systems to protect the worker at height and whatever or whoever is below and always ensure to contact  for any fire accidents.  

Final Check 

Do an extensive final check prior to starting a demolition work. Always ensure someone inspects all part of a building to make sure that everyone has left the area before the demolition starts.    

Debris Clean-Up 

Debris can surely be harmful to workers and to people passing the demolition site. It is necessary to clean it up ASAP when demolition is done. This stage of the job can be extremely dangerous and workers need to be cautious when performing this job.